Hack proof yourself

epswd an abbrevation for electronic password is a free online password generator website where we generate random; brute force; safe and anti-hack passwords of specified length and combinations. epswd can generate upto 9999 secure passwords at once with a hack proof combination of Upper Case, lower case, digits, suggested prefix and suffix.

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Change your passwords regularly and never share your passwords with anyone. Strong passwords are your first line of defence. Opt for Multi Authentication Log-in options where ever possible. Read Below for Basic Safe Password Guidelines


We do not store or manage user data or email address details. It is your responsiblity to ensure you store your password in a secure area which you can access. We have no method of recovering your password if you lose it.

Safe Password Guidelines


Use a password that does not relate to your name , Dob, or any numbers that you are associated with Ex: Phone, reg, Home , Do not use remember password option on browsers, Do not use passwords that the hacker can relate with your profile.

Regular Words:

Avoid Dictionary words as they will be a piece of cake to crack.


Use secure connections and only trusted website that offer security for Financial transactions.

Public Computers / Internet Cafe's:

Avoid using unmonitored public computers when accessing your Internet Banking or any important web interface as the systems may have keystroke loggers installed by other users.

Multi factor Authentication:

Use multiple authentication log in system where ever possible- Gmail and many other reputed companies offer them for free. Ex: Password + Otp to your mobile etc to make your account more secure. Some users create a folder in multi-factor enabled email accounts and store important passwords there. Its easier to copy and paste hard to type lengthy passwords.

Click through Emails:

Never enter login information and password without verifying information. We advise you to type the Url of the website directly into the browser to log in. Also verify the source of email; fraudsters user clever and confusing techniques. Banks never ask you to reveal your password or pin numbers of your Internet banking, Credit or Debit cards.

The most important of all:

Never Share Your Passwords With Anyone

Common types of Password Attacks:

Brute Force Attack:

Random Key Search where the hacker uses random combination of Keys until the password is Cracked. Lengthy password with different characters and symbols are very difficult to crack. So here size does matter.

Dictionary Attack:

Here your hacker uses a script to run Dictionary words. These attacks are sometimes successful because some people tend to use dictionary words as they are easier to remember. The more common your password is the more easier it is to crack.

Keystroke Loggers:

The hackers can install this program manually on public computers or remotely onto your personal computer. This script captures all your keystrokes including your Logins and passwords. Avoid using public computers for sensitive transactions and Do not download or use links from untrusted sources.